The professionals that build our homes and farm the food that sits atop our dinner tables depend on our complete line of tracks in Long Prairie, MN. Total Track & Performance Products goes the extra mile to ensure your tractor spends less time in the barn and more time in the field.

As the business landscape looks more and more uncertain up ahead, it just makes sense to have a partner that gets you moving again as quickly as possible. A broken track can bring many family farms and small businesses to a halt without rapid action and affordable solutions.

Establish a partnership with our sales specialists team and identify the parts you need to get the machines moving again.

Our inventory includes tracks, midrollers, and idlers. When you talk with someone with years of experience with the machines in your shop, you can improve traction and enhance engine performance.

You don’t have to pay a premium to get the parts you need for the heavy equipment your business depends on to thrive. Our extensive inventory features the components that fit your tractor at pricing that fits your business plan.

Find a used rubber track that fits your model and other components that are sure to improve the level of performance you are used to getting from your machine. Purchase rebuilt drive wheels and idler wheels as well to keep your shop stocked for the coming season.